(a)   Existing Structures and Premises. Reconstruction or rehabilitation within the Historical Preservation Area shall conform to the distinguishing, original exterior qualities or character of the structure, its site and its environment.
   (b)   New Construction. The design of new structures and of additions to existing structures, including new site improvements, shall take into account the architectural style, general design, arrangement, texture, material and color of other structures and premises with the Historical Preservation Area.
   (c)   Materials.
      (1)   All new structures and all reconstruction or remodeling of existing structures within the Historical Preservation Area shall utilize natural traditional exterior materials such as brick, stone, masonry and wood.
      (2)   The use of contemporary materials, such as aluminum, other metals, fiberglass and plastics for exterior surfaces on architecturally significant structures shall be prohibited unless the use of such materials would contribute to preservation or enhancement of existing traditional materials and the overall integrity and longevity of a structure.
   (d)   Color. Approved colors shall be limited to black, white and those colors included in the following categories on the Pratt and Lambert 133-7880-597 brochure: Colonial and Federal Styles, Early Victorian Period and/or Late Victorian Period.  Identical colors from other manufacturers are also permitted.  Only these approved colors shall be used for building exteriors for all new construction, reconstruction, remodeling and exterior maintenance of existing structures within the historical area unless otherwise approved by Council.  One (1) copy of the Pratt and Lambert 133-7880-597 brochure is on file in the office of the Clerk of Council.  The Clerk of Council shall retain and make available a mixing formula for each approved color.  (Ord. C49-10.  Passed 8-16-10; Ord. C57-10.  Passed 9-7-10.)
   (e)   Signs. All signs within the historical area shall conform to color and material standards of this section, be of such a style or design that reflects the era during which the structure was built, and shall conform to the requirements of Chapter 1138 and Section 1145.14 of the Codified Ordinances. Sign size and shape shall also respond to the existing proportions of period structures, and signs shall not be permitted to cover, “blank-out” or close existing window and doorway openings or otherwise hide important architectural features.
(Ord. C70-86. Passed 10-20-86; Ord. C55-00. Passed 7-17-00.)