937.07   BOND.
   (a)   The Public Service Director's approval of the wastewater treatment plant shall be contingent upon the applicant (the person making the application described in Section 937.06(a)) posting with the Director of Finance a cash bond as follows:
Maximum Plant Treatment Capacity
Bond Amount
4,999 gallons per day or less
5,000 to 19,999 gallons per day
20,000 or more gallons per day
   This bond shall remain on deposit with the City until the wastewater treatment plant permanently ceases to operate or the applicant's responsibilities for the wastewater treatment plant have terminated.
   (b)   The applicant, in posting his bond, authorizes the City to notify the Ohio wastewater treatment plant operator in charge of operating such plant to take necessary corrective action and to pay the cost thereof out of the cash bond on deposit in the event that the maintenance or repairs are not performed or the proper operating procedures are not established or followed within seven days after notice is served as specified in Section 937.06(b). Within ten days after such payment the applicant, his heirs, administrators, executor or assigns shall make an additional cash bond deposit in the amount of such cost, and upon failure to make such deposit the Director of Public Service may terminate the operation of such sewerage treatment plant.
   (c)   When the wastewater treatment plant ceases to operate or the responsibility of the applicant, his heirs, administrators, executor or assigns for the plant terminates, any undistributed cash from the cash bond shall be returned.
(Ord. C50-76. Passed 6-21-76.)