(a)   The application submitted by any person for a wastewater treatment plant permit shall be deemed to be a perpetual license to the City, its agents or employees, to enter upon the premises wherein the wastewater treatment plant and its appurtenances are located, for the purpose of inspecting the condition and operation of the plant and to perform whatever tests are deemed necessary by the City to ascertain that the plant is operating in accordance with the standards established by Chapter 935, Drainage and Sewerage Systems Use.
   (b)   If, upon inspection, the City determines that the wastewater treatment plant is not being maintained or operated as required by law or is in need of repair, or is not being operated in accordance with the standards set forth in the Public Service Director's approval, a notice shall be served by the City upon the person owning and/or operating the plant, by registered mail, setting forth therein the maintenance or repairs to be performed, or the manner or type of deficiency in the operation of the plant. The owner, within seven days of the date of mailing of the notice, shall cause the corrective or remedial measures as specified in such notice to be performed and such plant to be operating in conformance with the requirements of Chapter 935.
(Ord. C50-76. Passed 6-21-76.)