(a)   The Director of Public Service shall determine the acceptability or non-acceptability of all questionable discharges to the sewerage or drainage system. Such a determination shall be made on a basis of sound engineering and operational evaluations taking into consideration the nature and concentration of the discharge, its point of entry into the system, its compatibility with other discharges in the system, its compatibility with the treatment facility receiving it, and all other factors pertinent to the effect of the discharge on any part of the system or treatment process.
   (b)   Upon determination that an existing or proposed discharge is unacceptable, the Director may:
      (1)   Refuse wastewater treatment service to the person discharging or proposing to discharge unacceptable waste and may order the removal of such discharges from the sewerage or drainage system, including the physical removal of connection to the system; or,
      (2)   Require pretreatment of the unacceptable discharge by equipment or procedures to assure that such discharges to the sewerage or drainage system will at all times be acceptable, under standards established by the Director; and/or
      (3)   Require payment in an amount determined by the Director, to compensate for added costs of handling, treating or disposing of the wastes which are not recovered by service charges or industrial cost recovery charges.
(Ord. C49-76. Passed 6-21-76.)