(a)   No person, firm or corporation shall haul trash or other debris for compensation or hire without first obtaining a license as hereinafter provided.
   (b)   Applications for a license shall be made with the Director of Public Service and shall include such data and information as the Director may prescribe.
   (c)   The fee for such license shall be twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per year, and the term of such license shall be for a period of one year commencing January 1.
   (d)   The licensee shall obtain liability insurance in the amounts and under the conditions specified in Section 725.03.
   (e)   The licensee shall use vehicles constructed and maintained in such a manner to prevent their contents from falling or spilling on the roadway, and such vehicles shall be inspected and approved by the Director before being used by the licensee.
   (f)   Persons licensed under the provisions of Section 725.02 and 725.11 shall not be required to obtain a license required by this section.
(Ord. C69-79. Passed 10-24-79.)