(a)   The license provided for in Section 717.01 shall be issued by the Director of Public Safety to all applicants who comply with the terms and conditions of this chapter upon the payment of the fees applicable as follows:
      (1)   Class A: For each vehicle motor propelled or drawn or propelled by animal power other than hand power, one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00).
      (2)   Class B: For each vehicle or conveyance propelled by hand or foot power, display, case, easel, table, board, stand or other portable container set up temporarily, one hundred forty dollars ($140.00).
      (3)   Class C: For each person carrying one or more baskets or other containers, one hundred thirty dollars ($130.00).
      (4)   Class D: For each person working upon or away from any vehicle or car or other mobile unit as an employee or agent of the principal to have a license, ten dollars ($10.00).
(Ord. C34-67. Passed 7-10-67.)
   (b)   The fees collected under this chapter shall be placed to the credit of the General Fund.
(Ord. C53-60. Passed 7-11-60.)