Weapons and Explosives
549.01   Definitions.
549.02   Carrying concealed weapons.
549.03   Using weapons while intoxicated.
549.04   Improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle.
549.05   Failure to secure dangerous ordnance.
549.06   Unlawful transactions in weapons.
549.07   Underage purchase of firearm.
549.08   Discharging weapons.
549.09   Slingshot; bow and arrow; air gun.
549.10   Reserved.
549.11   Switchblade knives.
549.12   Pointing firearms.
549.13   Carrying dangerous weapons.
549.14   Storage of explosives.
549.15   Blasting; permit required.
549.16   Concealed handgun licenses: possession of a revoked or suspended license; additional restrictions; posting of signs prohibiting possession.
549.17   Defaced firearms.
549.99   Penalty.
   See sectional histories for similar State law
   License or permit to possess dangerous ordnance - see Ohio R.C. 2923.18
   Hunting prohibited - see GEN. OFF. 505.11
   Reporting gunshot and stab wounds - see GEN. OFF. 525.05(b)
   Property destruction by tear gas device, etc. - see GEN. OFF. 541.04
   Carrying concealed handguns, licensing through county sheriff, see Ohio R.C. 2923.124 et seq.
   Conveyance or possession of deadly weapons or dangerous ordnance on school premises, felony offense, see Ohio R.C. 2923.122
   Conveyance, possession, or control of deadly weapon or dangerous ordinance in a courthouse, felony offense, see Ohio R.C. 2923.123
   Possession of deadly weapon while under detention, felony offense, see Ohio R.C. 2923.131
   Possession of firearm in liquor permit premises, felony offense, see Ohio R.C. 2923.121