For the purpose of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   (a)   “All-purpose vehicle.”  Any self-propelled vehicle designed primarily for cross-country travel on land and water, or on more than one type of terrain, and steered by wheels or caterpillar treads, or any combination thereof, including vehicles that operate on a cushion of air, vehicles commonly known as all-terrain vehicles, all season vehicles, mini-bikes and trail bikes. The term does not include a utility vehicle as defined in Ohio R.C. 4501.01 or any vehicle principally used in playing golf, any motor vehicle or aircraft required to be registered under Ohio R.C. Chapter 4503 or Ohio R.C. Chapter 4561, and any vehicle excepted from definition as a motor vehicle by Ohio R.C. 4501.01(B).
   (b)   “Dealer.”  Any person or firm engaged in the business of manufacturing or selling snowmobiles, off-highway motorcycles, or all-purpose vehicles at wholesale or retail, or who rents, leases or otherwise furnishes snowmobiles, off-highway motorcycles, or all- purpose vehicles for hire.
   (c)   “Electronic” and “electronic record.”  Have the same meanings as in Ohio R.C. 4501.01.
   (d)   “Electronic dealer.”  A dealer whom the Registrar of Motor Vehicles designates under Ohio R.C. 4519.511.
   (e)   “Interstate highway.”  Any part of the interstate system of highways as defined in subsection (e), 90 Stat. 431 (1976), 23 USC 103, as amended.
   (f)   “Limited access highway” or “freeway.”  Have the same meanings as in Ohio R.C. 5511.02.
   (g)   “Mini-truck.” A vehicle that has four wheels, is propelled by an electric motor with a rated power of 7,500 watts or less or an internal combustion engine with a piston displacement capacity of 660 cubic centimeters or less, has a total dry weight of 900 to 2,200 pounds, contains an enclosed cabin and a seat for the vehicle operator, resembles a pickup truck or van with a cargo area or bed located at the rear of the vehicle, and was not originally manufactured to meet federal motor vehicle safety standards.
   (h)   “Off-highway motorcycle.”  Every motorcycle, as defined in Ohio R.C. 4511.01, that is designed to be operated primarily on lands other than a street or highway.
   (i)   “Operator.”  Any person who operates or is in actual physical control of a snowmobile, off-highway motorcycle, or all-purpose vehicle.
   (j)   “Owner.”  Any person or firm, other than a lienholder or dealer, having title to a snow- mobile, off-highway motorcycle, or all-purpose vehicle, or other right to the possession thereof.
   (k)   “Proof of financial responsibility.” Has the same meaning as in R.C. § 4509.01.
   (l)   “Snowmobile.”  Any self-propelled vehicle designed primarily for use on snow or ice, and steered by skis, runners or caterpillar treads.
   (m)   “State highway” and “state route.” Have the same meanings as in R.C. § 4511.01.
   (n)   “Street” or “highway.”  Have the same meaning as in Ohio R.C. 4511.01.
(R.C. § 4519.01)