Motorized Bicycles
374.01   Motorized bicycle operation, equipment and license.
374.02   Restrictions on operations.
374.03   Attaching motorized bicycle to vehicle.
374.04   Riding motorized bicycles abreast.
374.05   Audible signaling device.
374.06   Lights and reflectors on motorized bicycles; brakes.
374.07   Riding motorized bicycle right side of the roadway; obedience to traffic rules; passing.
374.08   Control and speed.
374.09   Parking a motorized bicycle.
374.10   Riding on sidewalks.
374.11   Bicycle license required.
374.12   Mutilation of serial numbers, decals or plates.
374.13   Prohibited acts.
374.14   Possession of license.
374.15   Stopping after an accident upon streets; collision with unattended vehicle.
374.16   Stopping after accident upon property other than streets.
374.99   Penalty.
   Motorized bicycle defined - see TRAF. 301.201