(a)   License Required. No person shall operate or use a bicycle, propelled wholly or in part by muscular power, upon any of the streets, alleys or public highways of the City, the ownership of which has not been registered with the Division of Police and which does not display license plates as hereinafter provided.
   (b)   Registration. The Division of Police is hereby directed to register the ownership of all bicycles used upon the streets, alleys and public highways in the City.
   (c)   License Application. Applicants for registration shall apply to the Division of Police for issuance of a registration card and license plate for each bicycle. The registration card and license shall be furnished by the City without any charge other than that provided for in subsection (e) hereof, have numbers stamped thereon and show the year in which the card was issued. The license shall expire each year on March 31 and be renewed annually on or before this date. Registration cards shall be executed in duplicate, one copy to be given to the registrant and one copy to be retained by the Division of Police as part of its records. Registration cards shall state the date of issuance, the name and address of the registrant, the date of purchase and the name and serial number of the bicycle, if any. The owner shall attach the license to the bicycle in accordance with the directions of the Division and the license shall remain attached to the bicycle.
   (d)   License Removal. No secondhand dealer or any other person shall willfully remove, destroy, mutilate or alter the number of any bicycle license, seal or registration card during the time in which the license or registration card is in effect.  Nothing in this section shall prohibit the Division of Police from stamping numbers on the frames of bicycles on which no serial number can be found, or on which the number is illegible or insufficient for identification purposes.
   (e)   No License Fee. There will be no registration or transfer fee for any bicycle that is registered with the Division of Police.
(Ord. C38-63; Ord. C11-76. Passed 2-2-76.)