(A)   Prohibited signs. The following devices and locations shall be specifically prohibited:
      (1)   Signs located in such a manner as to obstruct or otherwise interfere with an official traffic sign, signal or device, or obstruct or interfere with a driver’s view of approaching, merging or intersecting traffic;
      (2)   Except as provided for elsewhere in this code, signs encroaching upon or overhanging public right-of-way. No sign shall be attached to any utility pole, light standard, street tree or any other public facility located within the public right-of-way;
      (3)   Signs which blink flash or are animated by lighting in any fashion that would cause such signs to have the appearance of traffic safety signs and lights, or municipal vehicle warnings from a distance;
      (4)   Portable signs, except as allowed for temporary signs;
      (5)   Any sign attached to, or placed on, a vehicle or trailer parked on public or private property, except for signs meeting the following conditions:
         (a)   The primary purpose of such a vehicle or trailer is not the display of signs;
         (b)   The signs are magnetic, decals or painted upon an integral part of the vehicle or equipment as originally designed by the manufacturer, and do not break the silhouette of the vehicle; and
         (c)   The vehicle or trailer is in operating condition, currently registered and licensed to operate on public streets when applicable, and actively used or available for use in the daily function of the business to which such signs relate.
      (6)   Vehicles and trailers are not used primarily as static displays, advertising a product or service, nor utilized as storage, shelter or distribution points for commercial products or services for the general public; and
      (7)   Balloons, streamers or pinwheels, except those temporarily displayed as part of a special sale, promotion or community event. For the purposes of this subsection, TEMPORARILY means no more than 20 days in any calendar year.
   (B)   Off-premises signs. Off-premises signs are prohibited. There shall be no display of any signage on any lot or right-of-way, other than the lot on which a sign has direct relation to, except:
      (1)   Signs which provide directional information to places of worship, less than six square feet;
      (2)   Temporary signs placed in designated right-of-way areas by not-for-profit groups or organizations for community events of a fundraising and/or special event nature. Such signs shall meet the following conditions:
         (a)   Signs shall be limited to a maximum of 32 square feet, or four feet by eight feet;
         (b)   Signs shall be placed only in areas specifically designated by the Code Enforcement Officer;
         (c)   Signs shall be temporary in nature, and shall not be posted for any duration longer than 15 days, including the day of the event;
         (d)   Signs shall be securely anchored, and of such construction to permit a professional appearance for the duration of their posting; and
         (e)   Signs shall not be for the purpose of advertising the sale of commercial products or services to the general public.
(Ord. 3006, passed 4-9-2013; Ord. 3179, passed 7-10-2018) Penalty, see § 152.99