Whenever it shall come to the attention of the City Manager, Police Chief, Code Enforcement Official or designee, that there exists in the city any condition that is set out in § 90.15 of this chapter, he or she shall forthwith give the person in charge or control of the property thereof notice, served upon such person by an officer of the City Police Department or by mailing such notice to his or her last known address of such person, that such condition exists, and that he or she shall have seven days from the date of such service in which to remedy the condition or that the city shall cause the condition to be remedied. If the condition is remedied as required by others than the city or its agents within the said seven days, such compliance shall be a defense to a prosecution for failure to comply with this subchapter.
(2000 Code, § 90.16) (Ord. 854, passed 11-9-1976; Ord. 2451, passed 9-9-1997; Ord. 3131, passed 5-9-2017)