(A)   Any motor vehicle or part thereof which is inoperable or damaged or deteriorated or in need of repair for seven days or more and is located upon private property in the city, outside of any enclosure which encloses the vehicle completely from lateral view on all sides and constitutes a danger to persons, including children, or constitutes a blight upon the property or neighborhood in which it is located, is hereby declared to be a nuisance.
   (B)   Any motor vehicle which is required by state statutes to have a valid and current registration in order to be legally operated on public streets and highways and which does not have such registration affixed to it as required by law, and which is kept or stored on private property for 15 days or more other than within a structure permitted under the Zoning Code of the city that encloses the vehicle(s) on all sides so as to obscure a view of such vehicle(s) is declared to be inoperable and a nuisance.
(2000 Code, § 90.15) (Ord. 854, passed 11-9-1976; Ord. 2451, passed 9-9-1997; Ord. 3131, passed 5-9-2017)