213.09   SALES TAX.
   (a)   The City does not pay sales tax or use tax in Ohio or other states that have a sales tax exemption. Users of the credit card are responsible for ensuring that tax is not charged and for making reasonable attempts to recover any tax charged, see City Auditor's Office for Blanket Certificate of Tax Exemption.
   (b)   If sales tax is charged in error, the City Auditor's Office will send a reminder to the credit card user to reinforce the tax exemption status of the City. It is the departments responsibility to have sales tax removed from the bill.
   (c)   The approved credit card user will be required to reimburse the City for the unrecovered sales tax.
(Res. 19-55.  Passed 5-7-19; Res. 21-37.  Passed 3-16-21.)