1482.07  APPEAL.
   (a)   A person affected by a notice to abate a public nuisance may appeal such notice by providing written or personal notice to the Director within three business days after service of such notice or provided in Section 1482.06.
   (b)   An appeal filed pursuant to subsection (a) above shall be conducted by the Mayor in accordance with the following:
      (1)   A hearing on such appeal shall be conducted within ten business days after the appeal is filed;
      (2)   At such hearing, both the Director and the appellant shall present such evidence of the existence or non-existence of the alleged public nuisance as they each may deem appropriate and relevant together with such other evidence as either may feel is relevant to a full and fair consideration of the issue.  Either party may be represented by legal counsel at such hearing.
      (3)   Within five business days after the completion of the subject hearing, the Mayor shall issue a written decision affirming, reversing or modifying the Director's original order.
      (4)   The Mayor's decision shall be deemed to be a final order, subject to administrative appeal pursuant to Ohio R.C. Chapter 2506.
(Ord. 09-14.  Passed 2-17-09.)