(a)   On complaint by any person as to the existence of a public nuisance within the City, the Public Safety/Service Director, (the "Director") or such officer's designee, may inspect the site of the reported nuisance.
   (b)   If an inspection confirms the existence of a public nuisance the inspecting official, Director or designee shall notify the owners of the property on which the nuisance exists to abate such public nuisance.  Such notice shall be made by one of the following methods:
      (1)   Personal service;
      (2)   Certified mail;
      (3)   Regular mail;
      (4)   One newspaper publication; or
      (5)   By posting written notice in a conspicuous place on/at the affected premises.
   (c)   The notice shall state that a public nuisance exists and that the said public nuisance must be abated within the time period specified in such notice.  In the case of the existence of a real and present emergency, the Director may declare that the public nuisance be summarily abated as provided for hereinafter.
(Ord. 09-14.  Passed 2-17-09.)