The Program Coordinator shall oversee and take steps to ensure that this program is being followed. Oversight of this program shall include: assignment of specific responsibility for implementation of this program; review of reports prepared by staff regarding compliance; and approval of material changes to this program as necessary to address changing risks of identity theft. The reports by staff shall address material matters related to the program and evaluate issues such as: the effectiveness of the program in addressing the risk of identity theft in connection with the opening of covered accounts and with respect to existing covered accounts; significant incidents involving identity theft and the City's response; and recommendations for material changes to the program. The Program Coordinator shall train staff, as necessary, to effectively implement the program. The Program Coordinator shall also oversee any service provider arrangements in the event the City engages a service provider to perform an activity in connection with one or more covered accounts to assure that the activity of the service provider is conducted in accordance with this program and any reasonable policies and procedures designed to detect, prevent, and mitigate the risk of identity theft.
(Ord. 09-76. Passed 7-21-09.)