The fees for all zoning permits required by the Zoning Ordinance shall be as follows:
   (a)   Residential.
      (1)   Single-family unit   $ 75.00
      (2)   Two-family unit   100.00
      (3)   Multifamily units.
         For the first unit   125.00
         For each additional unit   25.00
      (4)   Residential building additions. Room addition,
               covered porch, attached patio cover or carport
               and enclosure of an existing porch, patio cover
               or carport, when such enclosure is not within the
               existing foundation of the structure   15.00
               Plus, for each 100 square feet of floor area or
               fraction thereof   3.00
      (5)   Swimming pools      25.00
      (6)   Satellite dish (over 3 feet)      25.00
      (7)   Residential accessory buildings.
         A.   Lawn storage buildings.
            100 square feet or less      $ 20.00
            Over 100 to 200 square feet      20.00
            Over 200 to 300 square feet      20.00
         B.   Detached garages, carports or patio covers.
            300 square feet or less      25.00
            Over 300 to 400 square feet      25.00
            Over 400 to 600 square feet      25.00
            Over 600 square feet      25.00
            Plus, for each additional 100 square feet of
            floor area or fraction thereof in excess of
            600 square feet      No fee
   (b)   Commercial, Industrial, Church and Other Nonprofit Organizations.
      (1)   Buildings under 5,000 square feet      200.00
      (2)   Buildings 5,000 square feet or more but less 
               than 10,000 square feet      300.00
      (3)   Buildings 10,000 square feet or more but less 
               than 20,000 square feet      500.00
      (4)   Buildings more than 20,000 square feet      700.00
      (5)   Commercial and industrial building additions.
               For each 100 square feet of floor area or fraction
               thereof      5.00
      (6)   Commercial and industrial accessory buildings.
               For each 100 square feet of floor area or fraction
                  thereof   5.00
      (7)   Fences.   15.00
      (8)   Signs.
         A.   Subdivision signs      15.00
         B.   Business or industrial signs      20.00
   (c)   Certificates of Occupancy. For a certificate of occupancy, when
      not issued with a zoning permit      30.00
The above permit fees shall cover the isssuance of all permits and all inspections needed to comply with the provisions of Sections 1440.01 to 1440.12 and of the Zoning Ordinance, but shall be in addition to any license or other fee imposed by local, State and/or Federal law.
(Ord. 95-18. Passed 2-7-95; Ord. 00-146. Passed 10-17-00.)