Building Code of Darke County
   EDITOR'S NOTE: Ordinance 94-178, passed October 4, 1994, authorized an agreement between the City and the Board of County Commissioners regarding services to be rendered in and for the City re the enforcement of the County Building Code by the County Building Inspection Department. Copies of such ordinance and of such agreement may be obtained, at cost, from the Clerk of Council.
1438.01   Adoption by reference.
1438.02   Enforcement by County Building Inspection Department; collection of zoning permit fees by City.
1438.03   File and distribution copies.
1438.04   Conflict of laws.
   Power to regulate building erection - see Ohio R.C. 715.26, 715.29, 737.28, 737.37
   Removal of unsafe structures - see Ohio R.C. 715.26(B), 715.261
   Power to regulate fences, billboards and signs - see Ohio R.C. 715.27 (Cont.)
   Adoption of technical codes - see Ohio R.C. 731.231
   Ohio State building standards - see Ohio R.C. Ch. 3781
   Ohio Building Code - see Ohio R.C. 3781.10
   Required submission of plans of public buildings - see Ohio R.C. 3791.04
   Fees for plan approval - see Ohio R.C. 3791.07