(a)   Except as otherwise mandated by the terms and conditions of applicable statutes, local civil service rules and/or wage agreements existing between the City and its collective bargaining units, all employees who receive an original appointment as a City employee shall serve a probationary period of one year, and no such appointment shall be final until the appointee has satisfactorily served the probationary period. If the service of the probationary period is unsatisfactory, the employee may be removed at any time after completing one-half of the probationary period.
   (b)   Unless otherwise established in a collective bargaining agreement, employees whose service is unsatisfactory following a promotion may be reduced to the classification held just prior to promotion. If no vacancy exists in that classification at the time of reduction, the employee may displace the employee with the fewest retention points in that classification as if a layoff had occurred in the classification.
(Ord. 92-01. Passed 2-4-92; Ord. 11-75.  Passed 7-29-11; Ord. 19-38. Passed 3-19-19.)