252.19   INJURY LEAVE.
   (a)   Defined.  As used in this section, "injury leave" means an authorized leave of absence for an employee to recover from an injury received in the course of or arriving out of employment with the City.
   (b)   Conditions.  Injury leave may be granted, provided that there is no evidence of negligence on the part of the injured employee and that the injury is promptly reported.
   (c)   Granting of Leave.  A regular employee, including a regular part-time employee on a proportional basis, who is not covered by a wage agreement and who sustains a service-connected injury, shall be granted injury leave, not to exceed 90 calendar days, upon the verification of an attending licensed physician and the approval of the relevant department head.  The Director of Public Safety and Service or other supervisory authority, whoever is applicable, may, at his or her option, grant additional injury leave not to exceed an additional 90 calendar days.
   (d)   Return From Leave.  An employee returning from injury leave must have a written release from his or her attending licensed physician to return to full duty before returning to work.
   (e)   Simultaneous Payments Prohibited.  An employee may not receive payment from sick leave or injury leave while simultaneously receiving payment from worker's compensation or other similar pay substitute.
(Ord. 92-01.  Passed 2-4-92.)