(a)   (1)   Effective January 1, 2006, the employer will pay 90% of the total monthly insurance premium for an employee-only policy or 80% of the total monthly insurance premium for a family health insurance plan.
      (2)   The employee's share of the cost for health insurance shall be 10% of the monthly insurance premium for an employee-only plan and 20% of the monthly insurance premium for a family plan.
(Ord. 99-04.  Passed 1-5-99.)
   (b)   Health insurance benefits shall be subject to the coordination of benefits provisions of the master contract with the carrier.
   (c)   If an employee, or an employee's dependent, incurs covered hospital expenses in connection with the treatment of an illness or injury caused by the negligence or wrongful act of a third party, the carrier shall be subrogated to all of the employee's rights of recovery against said third party to the extent of any and all payments made hereunder by the carrier with respect to such illness or injury.  The employee, or appropriate agent, shall execute all papers and take all action necessary and proper to secure to the carrier such rights of subrogation.
   (d)   Employees shall not be entitled to remuneration if they choose not to avail themselves of the health insurance coverage offered by the employer.  In order to be eligible for the employer's contribution toward health insurance hereunder, the employee must agree to pay, via payroll deduction, the difference, if any, between the actual premium charged for the elected coverage and the City's contribution.
   (e)   Each employee covered hereunder shall be provided, at no cost, life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment insurance coverage.  The face amount of this insurance shall be fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000), and all coverage thereunder shall be subject to the terms and conditions of the master group insurance contract between the insurance carrier and the employer.
   (f)   Only those employees who are classified as full-time employees (as defined in these Codified Ordinances) and employed on a regular annual basis are eligible for the insurance coverage provided pursuant to this section.
   (g)   The City shall establish an Insurance Task Force to review insurance plan regulations and benefits and to recommend any potential changes to such regulations and/or benefits.  One member of the non-union unionized departments of the City shall be selected by each such department to serve on the Task Force.  The Task Force shall serve as an advisory board only.
   (h)   If a full-time City employee sustains an injury or illness while engaged in activities in the service of the City, such injury or illness being of such a nature as to disable the employee from further useful service to the City, the City shall continue to pay the premiums for group hospitalization and surgical insurance in accordance with the maximums set forth in division (a) of this section, and, further, the City shall continue to pay the premiums for the insurance policies required under  division (e) of this section, provided, however, that said payment of either of such premiums shall continue no longer than one year from the date such injured or ill employee leaves the City payroll.  All payments mandated under this division are expressly subject to and contingent upon strict adherence to the provisions of division (f) of this section.
   (i)   During the one-year period provided in division (h) of this section, the injured or ill City employee shall submit sufficient medical proof of his or her continued disability.  Such proof shall be submitted to the City Auditor not less than one time during each successive ninety-day interval of continued disability.
   (j)   A City employee who is unable to fulfill his or her employment obligation to the City by reason of an injury or illness not related to the employee's service to the City shall be granted the rights afforded to similarly situated individuals under the Family Medical Leave Act, as amended, and other applicable federal and state laws and regulations.
   (k)   A City employee who is temporarily suspended from his or her employment obligations to the City by employee action, or who is otherwise on a no-pay status, while continuing as a City employee, shall remain in the City's group hospitalization and insurance plans, and shall pay, by payroll deduction, or by direct pay made to the City Auditor if no pay is being received,  a portion of the monthly premiums due therefor, prorated between the number of days such employee worked in the service of the City during the month and the number of days of the temporary suspension or no-pay status during such month.
(Ord. 92-227.  Passed 12-29-92; Ord. 05-02.  Passed 1-4-05; Ord. 05-138. Passed 12-20-05; Ord. 11-75.  Passed 7-29-11; Ord. 14-74. Passed 7-15-14.)