252.03   BONDS.
   (a)   The following officers and no others shall, prior to entering upon the performance of their official duties, each provide individual bonds in the following amounts:
   City Treasurer   $100,000
   City Auditor   $100,000
   City Tax Administrator   $  25,000
   Transit Coordinator   $  25,000
   Deputy City Auditor   $100,000
(Ord. 98-30.  Passed 3-17-98; Ord. 02-70.  Passed 5-21-02.)
   (b)   All officers and employees of the City except those specified in division (a) of this section may be covered by a blanket bond which is purchased by the City in an amount which shall, from time to time, be fixed by Council, indemnifying and holding harmless the City against loss incurred due to failure of such officers or employees to perform faithfully their respective duties and against any loss occasioned by embezzlement or any other dishonest act.
(Ord. 91-82.  Passed 7-16-91.)