246.02   UNIFORMS.
   (a)   The Director of Public Safety shall require that all members of the Police Department be properly uniformed while on duty and in the manner prescribed by the Director. The failure of any member of the Police Department to comply with the order of the Director, shall be cause for suspension or removal.
(1960 Code Sec. 141.02)
   (b)   (1)   There is hereby authorized an original issuance for all present and future emergency communications operators. Such original uniform issuance shall consist of five knit polo shirts, three trousers, and one belt.
      (2)   The uniform maintenance allowance authorized by Section 252.16, as the same pertains to emergency communications operators, shall not be paid during the year of such original issuance, but shall be paid the year following such original issuance and thereafter.
(Ord. 85-82. Passed 8-6-85.)
   (c)   (1)   Upon the promotion of an employee to the rank of Chief of Police or police lieutenant within the Police Department, such promoted employee shall receive a uniform issuance of a kind and in an amount not to exceed the original uniform issuance received by a new employee of the Department, as the original uniform issuance is defined in the collective bargaining agreement covering new employees. However, if the promoted employee already possesses one or more of the specified items of original issue, as referenced in this subsection, and if such items are in good condition, as determined in the sole discretion of the Director of Public Safety, no new issue of such items shall be made.
      (2)   The initial cost associated with any change in the uniform requirements for the Chief or police lieutenants, as mandated by the City, shall be paid by the City.
(Ord. 86-04. Passed 1-21-86; Ord. 06-35. Passed 3-21-06.)