(A)   No person, firm or corporation shall directly or indirectly commence or cause to be commenced any excavation, grading or construction of any dwelling house within the city without first having been issued a permit for which application shall be made to the City Commission, said application to contain all reasonable information to enable said Commission to determine whether or not such proposed construction shall be in conformity with all applicable laws and deeds of restriction.
   (B)   (1)   If the City Commission shall be satisfied on the basis of such application that the proposed construction is in conformity with all applicable law and deeds of restriction then, it shall within eight calendar days after the regular monthly meeting of said Commission next after the receipt of such application issue to the applicant a permit for such construction.
      (2)   An application may be made either by the owner of the property on which the improvement is to be located or by the prime contractor who shall be responsible for the work.
      (3)   All applications shall be accompanied when filed by a fee payable to the Treasurer of the City in the amount of $150.
      (4)   In the event of denial of any application for a permit the fee shall be refunded.
   (C)   If, during the construction of any improvement for which a permit is issued hereunder the property owner or prime contractor or any subcontractor, agent, servant or employee of the owner or prime contractor shall, in connection with such construction violate any ordinance of the city or other applicable law then, in the discretion of the City Commission, such permit may be suspended.
(Ord. 5-1977, passed 11-3-77) Penalty, see § 150.99