General Provisions
   97.01   Venting of heaters and burners
   97.02   Dumping
   97.03   Noxious odors; filthy accumulations; polluting and diverting watercourses
   97.04   Duty to keep sidewalks in repair and clean
   97.05   Abandoned refrigerators and airtight containers
   97.06   Storage of junk vehicles
   97.07   Open burning
   97.08   Barricades and warning lights
   97.09   Sidewalk obstructions; damage or injury
   97.10   Notice to fill lots, remove putrid substances
   97.11   Smoking in places of public assembly
   97.12   Smoking in city buildings or vehicles
   97.13   Smoking and smokeless tobacco products in Central Park
   97.14   Offensive weeds and grass
   97.15   Notice of contamination from the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine
   97.30   Definitions
   97.31   Throwing or depositing litter in public places; use of receptacles and dumps
   97.32   Using receptacles to prevent scattering; damaging receptacles
   97.33   Responsibility of landowners
   97.34   Responsibility of merchants
   97.35   Litter thrown from vehicles
   97.36   Litter in parks
   97.37   Litter in bodies of water
   97.38   Dropping litter from aircraft
   97.39   Billposting
   97.40   Litter on occupied private property
   97.41   Litter on vacant private property
   97.42   Construction sites
   97.43   Loading and unloading operations
   97.44   Clearing of litter by municipality
   97.45   Distributing handbills in or on public places
   97.46   Placing handbills on vehicles
   97.47   Depositing handbills on uninhabited or vacant premises
   97.48   Distributing handbills prohibited where posted
   97.49   Distributing handbills at inhabited private premises
Statutory reference:
   Excavation liability, see R.C. §§ 723.49 et seq.
   Nuisances, see R.C. Ch. 3767