§ 151.002 PURPOSE.
   The purpose of the Ohio Basic Building Code, as adopted in § 151.001, is to:
   (A)   Provide uniform minimum standards and requirements for the erection, construction, repair, alteration and maintenance of buildings, including construction of industrialized units, such standards relating to the conservation of energy, safety and sanitation of buildings for their intended use and occupancy;
   (B)   Formulate such standards and requirements, so far as is practical, in terms of performance objectives, so as to make adequate performance for the use intended the test of acceptability;
   (C)   Permit, to the fullest extent feasible, the use of materials and technical methods, devices and improvements, including the use of industrialized units, which tend to reduce the cost of construction and erection without affecting minimum requirements for the health, safety and security of the occupants or users of buildings or industrialized units and without preferential treatment of types or classes of materials or products or methods of construction; and
   (D)   Encourage, so far as may be practical, the standardization of construction practices, methods, equipment, material and techniques, including methods employed to produce industrialized units.
(O.A.C. 4101:2-1-05)
(Prior Code, § 1420.02)