Purpose And Interpretation   1
Rules And Definitions   2
General Provisions   3
Planned Unit Developments   4
Mobile Home Parks   5
Zoning Districts And Map   6
Residential Districts   7
E-1 Estate Residential District   7A
R-1 Single-Family Residential District   7B
R-2 Two-Family Attached Residential District   7C
R-3 Multiple-Family Residential District   7D
Commercial Districts   8
C-1 Downtown Commercial District   8A
C-2 Commercial District   8B
Industrial Districts   9
I-1 Light Industrial District   9A
I-2 Heavy Industrial District   9B
Performance Standards   9C
Specialty Districts   10
A-1 Agricultural District   10A
OS-1 Open Space District   10B
Nonconforming Buildings, Structures And Uses   11
Off Street Parking And Loading   12
Signs   13
Administration And Enforcement   14
Wind Energy Conversion Systems   15
Photovoltaic Systems   16
Medical Cannabis Cultivation And Dispensaries   17
Wireless Communications Facilities   18
School Transition Fees   19
Regulation Of And Application For Small Wireless Facilities    20