The City Manager shall enforce strictly the provisions of the budget. The City Manager shall not authorize any payment or the incurring of any obligation by the city unless an appropriation has been made in the budget resolution and there is a sufficient unexpended balance left after deducting the total past expenditures and encumbrances against the appropriation. No officer or employee of the city shall place any order or make any purchase except for a purpose and to the amount authorized in the budget resolution. Any obligation incurred by any person in the employ of the city for a purpose not authorized in the budget resolution or for any amount in excess of the amount authorized or otherwise not in compliance with the Charter shall be a personal obligation of the person incurring the obligation unless ratified by the City Manager or City Council. No check shall be issued or transfer made to any account other than one owned by the city until the claim to which it relates has been supported by an itemized bill, payroll, or time-sheet or other document approved and signed by the responsible city officer who vouches for its correctness and reasonableness.
(Ord. 193, passed 6-3-2019)