City Council                   Charter Commission
   David Smiglewski, Mayor            Mayor Dave Smiglewski
   Steve Nordaune, Vice President         Council Member Joe Fagnano
   DuWayne Galow               Council Member Sarina Otaibi
   Sarina Otaibi                   City Clerk Joan Taylor
   Brad Peterson                City Attorney Greg Holmstrom
   Joseph Fagnano                Tyler Knutson
   Scott Peterson                Robin Henderson
                        Pat Kubly
                        Tom Cherveny
                        Ex Officio City Manager Crystal Johnson
Adopted   June 3, 2019
Effective   September 1, 2019
   This Charter replaces all previous Charters. Previous charter 1987.
To: The Honorable David Smiglewski, Mayor of the City of Granite Falls, in the Counties of Yellow Medicine and Chippewa, State of Minnesota, and the members of the City Council of said City:
We, the undersigned members of the Charter Commission heretofore appointed by the Honorable Michael Thompson, Chief Judge of Eighth Judicial District, as a Charter Commission for the City of Granite Falls, do hereby report and deliver the draft of the proposed Charter of the City of Granite Falls hereto attached, and recommended that said proposed Charter be submitted for adoption according to the law.
Dated this 1st day of April, 2019.
Mayor Dave Smiglewski
Council Member Joe Fagnano
Council Member Sarina Otaibi
City Clerk Joan Taylor
City Attorney Greg Holmstrom
Tyler Knutson
Robin Henderson
Pat Kubly
Tom Cherveny
Ex Officio City Manager Crystal Johnson