The City Clerk shall:
   (A)   Attend all meetings of City Council (either physically or by telephonic or other electronic means);
   (B)   Take minutes thereof, and record the same in a suitable book, and keep an index book in connection therewith, in which shall be indexed the subject matter of important matters in the proceedings of Council, with a reference to the page of the record book where the matters appear;
   (C)   Lay before the Council all communications and other papers addressed to it through the Clerk;
   (D)   Have the proceedings of Council promptly published in a local newspaper when so required by Council;
   (E)   Have charge of and be responsible for the preservation of all papers, records and documents of every description pertaining to the city;
   (F)   So arrange and file all the papers in packages or cases as will facilitate access to them, arranging and filing same according to their subject matter and numbering the packages or cases numerically;
   (G)   Keep an index book, in which shall be entered alphabetically the names or subject matter of the papers and documents, and the number of the package or case in which the same are to be found;
   (H)   Issue all notices, personal and general, which the interest, convenience, laws and orders of the city require in the administration of its government; and
   (I)   Communicate to the Council all information the officer may acquire which may contribute to the efficiency of the government and the welfare of the people.
(1985 Code, § 2-113) (Ord. 2021-024, passed 10-12-2021)