(A)   Function. Plans, directs and coordinates administrative and operational activities of the city, appoints and supervises all appointed department managers, performs duties involving formulation of broad policies and long-term programs, including decision making which establishes guides and general directives for the organization as a whole.
   (B)   Examples of work performed.
      (1)   Approves preparation of and submits annual budget to Mayor and City Council;
      (2)   Recommends organizational changes and assists in formulation of internal plans, policies and programs;
      (3)   Maintains operational control and supervision of all appointed department managers and their departments;
      (4)   Plans, directs and coordinates activities of all departments funded by the Council;
      (5)   Coordinates the activities of city government with all other agencies within the city, county and with state and federal agencies, develops and establishes policies and procedures for the operation of administrative functions and operational activities of the city, including fire, police, street and public works and the like; and
      (6)   Performs related duties as required.
   (C)   Required knowledge, skills and abilities.
      (1)   Thorough knowledge of principals and practices of public and private business administration;
      (2)   Extensive knowledge of public works activities and practice; and
      (3)   Extensive knowledge of modern planning and capital budgeting.
   (D)   Minimum training and experience. A master's degree in public administration and three years experience in local government administration, or a bachelor's degree and six years related experience.
(1985 Code, § 2-102)