§ 132.03 IDLING.
   (A)   A person shall be guilty of disorderly conduct if the person shall remain idle in essentially one location in a public place in such manner so as to:
      (1)   Create, or cause to be created, a danger of a breach of the peace;
      (2)   Create, or cause to be created, any disturbance or annoyance calculated to interfere with the comfort and repose of any person;
      (3)   Obstruct the free passage of pedestrians or vehicles;
      (4)   Obstruct, molest or interfere with any person lawfully in any public place; and
      (5)   Make unsolicited remarks of an offensive, disgusting or insulting nature or which are calculated to annoy or disturb the person to, or in whose hearing, they are made.
   (B)   Whenever any police officer shall, in the exercise of reasonable judgment, decide that the presence of any person in any public place is causing any of the conditions enumerated in division (A) above, the officer may, if deemed necessary for the preservation of the public peace and safety, order that person to leave that place, and any person who shall refuse to leave after being ordered to do so by a police officer shall be guilty of a violation.
   (C)   This section shall not apply to peaceful picketing, public speaking or other lawful expressions of opinion not in contravention of other laws.
(1985 Code, § 14-52) Penalty, see § 10.99
Statutory reference:
   Public disorderly conduct, see S.C. Code § 16-17-530