93.001   Title
   93.002   Scope
   93.003   Purposes
   93.004   Application of code
   93.005   Authority
   93.006   Enforcement
   93.007   Right-to-enter
   93.008   Appeals
   93.009   Validity and separability
   93.010   Compliance with other ordinances
   93.011   Persons responsible
Rules of Construction and Definitions
   93.025   Rules of construction
   93.026   Definitions
The Adoption of Rules and Regulations of the South Carolina
Department of Health and Environmental Control
   93.055   Adoptions
   93.056   Food handling establishments
   93.057   Burning garbage and the like
   93.058   Abandoned wells
Solid Waste Collection and Disposal
   93.075   Responsibility
   93.076   Prohibited waste
   93.077   Solid waste collection
   93.078   Placement requirements; household solid waste
   93.079   Bundling of solid waste
   93.080   Solid waste containerization and removal
   93.081   Use of non-standard containers
   93.082   Service for owners requiring additional containerization for household refuse
   93.083   Owners, agents and tenants responsibility
   93.084   Refusal of service
   93.085   Frequency of solid waste collection
   93.086   Assessment rates for city residents
Sewage Disposal
   93.100   Occupancy of premises without proper system
   93.101   Building contracts to provide for sewage disposal
   93.102   Use of septic tanks
   93.103   Connection to sewer
   93.145   Public nuisances prohibited
   93.146   Enumeration of public nuisances affecting health
   93.147   Public nuisances affecting public safety
   93.160   Notice to abate involving great a1vd immediate danger
   93.161   Abatement by the city involving violations without great or immediate danger
   93.162   Procedure to appeal abatement decision
Miscellaneous Provisions
   93.175   Throwing refuse and the like on city property
   93.176   Tattooing
   93.177   Hours of operation for commercial refuse or waste collector restricted
Junk; Junkyards
   93.190   Definitions
   93.191   Abandonment of refrigerators; removal of door or lock required
   93.192   Junk in residential districts
   93.193   Junk in commercial districts
   93.194   Impound lots
   93.195   Enforcement
   93.999   Penalty
   Nuisances, see Chapter 137