The following words, terms, and phrases, when used in this chapter, shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this section, except where the context clearly indicates a different meaning.
   BLOCK PARTY. A private outdoor gathering on a public street which involves the closure of a street and may include live or taped music and the distribution of food and beverages.
   EVENT. Any festival, concert or other announced public gathering upon any property owned or controlled by the city, such as a property leased by the city, or any public street or right-of-way within the city.
   FILMING. Any filming of movies, commercials, documentaries and other motion pictures, video projects, or commercial photographs upon any public street, right-of-way, or property of the city.
   OPEN EVENT. Any event which primarily promotes, entertainment, arts, dining, athletic competition, political activity and is generally advertised as open to the public at large without the necessity to enter by prior invitation or purchase of a ticket; events are presumed to be OPEN EVENTS.
   PARADE. Any parade, march, foot race, bicycle race, ceremony, pageant, or procession of any kind moving upon any public street or sidewalk of the city which does not comply with normal traffic regulations.
   PERFORMANCE. Any public presentation, exhibition, fireworks display or appearance upon any public street, right-of-way, plaza, or property of the city.
   PICKETING AND PICKETS. Include demonstrating and demonstrators, and other related first amendment activity.
   PRIVATE EVENT. A wedding, commitment ceremony, fundraiser, block party in a residential neighborhood, and filming event; social activities requiring limited admission for sponsors or invited guests may be treated as PRIVATE EVENTS; events requiring paid admission or tickets may be treated as PRIVATE EVENTS; events involving a state, national, or international official who has special security details may be treated as a PRIVATE EVENT for the limited purpose of assuring security.
   STREET PERFORMANCE. Acting, singing, playing one or more musical instruments, dancing, miming, juggling, unicycling, stilt walking, doing magic tricks, reciting, imitating statues, and engaging in similar acts of entertainment when done on a city-owned or -controlled sidewalk, plaza, park, or similar public space.
   STREET PERFORMER. Someone who engages in street performances.
(Ord. 2021-033, passed 12-14-2021)