(A)   Interference. No person shall unreasonably hamper, obstruct, impede or interfere with any parade, event, performance or filming, or with any person, vehicle or animal participating or used in the event.
   (B)   Driving through parade or event. No driver of any vehicle shall drive between the vehicles or persons comprising a parade when such vehicles are in motion and are conspicuously designated as a parade, nor shall any driver drive around or through any event or a properly designated or barricaded area.
   (C)   Parking on parade route or event location. The city shall have the authority to prohibit or restrict the parking of vehicles along a street or area properly designated or posted for a parade, event, performance or filming, and it shall be unlawful for any person to park or leave unattended any vehicle in violation thereof.
   (D)   Glass containers. No glass bottle, containers or cans may be sold or distributed on the public right-of-way, and no patron may carry a glass bottle, container or can on the public right-of-way during a parade, event, performance, or filming. It shall be unlawful for any vendor to sell beverages in glass containers for off-premise consumption at parades or events.
(Ord. 2021-033, passed 12-14-2021)