(A)   Assessment of costs of abatement. If the owner fails to abate the building, or if summary abatement is ordered pursuant to § 151.12, and the city makes the building safe or has the building demolished, the Codes Enforcement Officer shall submit to the City Council a report containing an itemized statement of costs. Upon receipt of the report, the City Council shall, by resolution, assess the cost of abatement against the property. The assessment shall be a lien against the property, and may be enforced and collected as provided by ORS 223.505 to 223.650.
   (B)   Notice of assessment. A copy of the resolution assessing the cost shall be mailed to the owner by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested.
   (C)   Lien docket; interest. The City Recorder shall enter into the city lien docket a statement of the amount assessed against the property; the name of the owner; the date of the assessment resolution; and a statement that the lien is for the costs of abatement of a dangerous building. The assessment shall become a lien upon the real property at the time of entry on the lien docket. The lien shall bear interest at the statutory rate commencing on the date the lien is entered in the city lien docket. The City Recorder shall also record a notice of lien in the deed records of the county.
(Ord. 002-2000, passed 8-30-1999)