§ 151.10  COMPLIANCE.
   (A)   If, after any order of the Codes Enforcement Officer or City Council becomes final, the person to whom the order is directed fails, neglects, or refuses to obey the order, the Codes Enforcement Officer may issue a citation and commence abatement of the building as a public nuisance, including causing the building to be demolished.
   (B)   Whenever the required repair or demolition is not commenced within 30 days of any final order issued pursuant to an appeal from a notice and order of dangerous building, the Codes Enforcement Officer shall cause the building to be posted with an order to vacate. Any order to vacate shall be in the form set forth in § 151.08(B)(1); provided, however, that the order shall not be treated as an appealable order under terms of this chapter.
(Ord. 002-2000, passed 8-30-1999)