(A)   Operation. No person or persons other than those designated and authorized by the Water Department shall open any fire hydrant belonging to the Water Department, attempt to draw water from it, or in any manner damage or tamper with it. Any violation of this regulation will be prosecuted according to law. No tool other than special hydrant wrenches shall be used to operate a hydrant valve. In cases where a temporary service has been granted and received water through a fire hydrant, an auxiliary external valve will be provided to control the flow of water.
   (B)   Moving a fire hydrant. When a fire hydrant has been installed in the locations specified by the proper authority, the Water Department has fulfilled its obligation. If a property owner or other party desires to change the size, type, or location of the hydrant, he or she shall bear all costs of the changes. Any changes in the location of a fire hydrant must be approved by the Water Department and the Fire Department.
(Ord. 232, passed 8-13-1974)  Penalty, see § 53.99