§ 53.12  METER ERROR.
   (A)   Meter accuracy. All meters will be tested prior to installation. No meter will be placed in service or allowed to remain in service which is known to have an error in registration in excess of 2% under conditions of normal operation.
   (B)   Meter test.
      (1)   Standard test. Meter tests will be conducted in accordance with standards of practice established by the American Water Works Association.
      (2)   On customer request. A customer may, giving not less than seven days’ notice, request the Water Department to test the meter servicing his or her premises. The Water Department will require the customer to deposit the testing fee. This fee shall be $25 for meters three-fourths inch and smaller. For meters larger than three-fourths inch, the fee shall be an estimate of the cost of testing the meter as determined by the Water Department. The deposit will be returned to the customer if the test reveals the meter to over-register more than 2% under the standard test conditions. If the meter is found to be accurate, the deposit shall be retained by the Water Department. Customers may, at their option, witness any meter tests which they request.
      (3)   On Water Department request. If, upon comparison of past water usage, it appears that a meter is not registering properly, the Water Department may, at its option, test the meter and adjust the charges accordingly if the meter either over-registers or under-registers. No charge for meter testing will be made to the customer for the meter test under these conditions.
   (C)   Adjustment of bills for meter error.
      (1)   No credits or debits will be borne by the city or the customer should the tested meter show variance high or low from the accuracy defined in division (A) above.
      (2)   The Water Department will bill the customer for water consumed while the meter was not registering. The bill will be computed upon an estimate of consumption based either upon the customer’s prior use during the same season of the year, or upon a reasonable comparison with the use of other customers receiving the same class of service during the same season and under similar circumstances and conditions.
(Ord. 232, passed 8-13-1974; Ord. 03-2002, passed 12-10-2001)  Penalty, see § 53.99