§ 53.08  METERS.
   (A)   Ownership. The Water Department will own and maintain all water meters. The Water Department will not pay rent or any other charges for a meter or other water facilities, including housing and connections on a customer’s premises.
   (B)   Installation. Installation of water meters shall be performed only by authorized employees of the Water Department. All meters shall be sealed by the Water Department at the time of installation, and no seal shall be altered or broken except by one of its authorized employees.
   (C)   The size and type of meter. The applicant may request and receive any size meter regularly stocked or furnished by the Water Department, provided the request is reasonable and further provided that the meter is not greatly oversized or undersized, as determined by the Water Superintendent. The Water Department reserves the right to determine the type of meter to be installed.
   (D)   Location of meters. Meters shall normally be placed at the curb or property lines; the meter will be installed wherever the applicant desires within reason, but the location must be approved by the Water Department. The meters will not be located in driveways or other location where damage to the meter or its related parts may occur.
   (E)   Joint use of meters. The joining of several customers to take advantage of the single minimum charges and large quantity rates shall be prohibited, except under special contract, in writing, with the City Council.
   (F)   Changes in size or location. If for any reason a change in the size of a meter and service is required, the installation will be accomplished on the basis of a new connection, and the customer’s application shall be so amended. Meters or services moved for the convenience of the customer will be relocated only at the customer’s expense.
(Ord. 232, passed 8-13-1974)  Penalty, see § 53.99