(A)   Within the city limits. Water main extensions to areas within the city limits not presently served with water shall be installed under procedures to be established by the City Council. Subdividers for newly partitioned properties will assume all costs of main extensions with the approval of the City Council.
   (B)   Outside the city limits. Water mains outside the city limits shall be extended only at the expense of the customers served. The main extensions shall become the property of the Water Department at the time installed. The City Council shall determine the size of the main extensions and all extensions shall be of a suitable material approved by the City Council. Extensions outside the city limits shall be installed by the Water Department or by contractors approved by the Water Department. The installation procedures and materials used shall be in accordance with the city and the state standards.
   (C)   Locations of extensions. The Water Department will make water main extensions only on rights-of-way, easements, or publicly owned property. Easements or permits secured for main extensions shall be obtained in the name of the city, along with all rights and title to the main at the time the service is provided to the customers paying for the extension.
(Ord. 232, passed 8-13-1974)  Penalty, see § 53.99