(A)   A person aggrieved by a decision required or the action of the City Recorder under §§ 52.01 through 52.04 and 52.15 through 52.29, or a person challenging a specific use of system development charge revenues, may appeal to the City Council by filing a written request with the City Recorder describing his or her complaint and requesting an appeal.
   (B)   (1)   Appeal of a specific revenue use must be filed within two years of the date of the alleged improper use.
      (2)   Appeals on any other decision must be filed within ten days of the date of the decision.
   (C)   The Council shall decide all appeals made pursuant to this section. If the Council determines that there has been an improper expenditure of system development charge revenue, the Council shall direct that a sum equal to the misspent amount shall be deposited within one year to the credit of the account or fund to replace the misspent money. The decision of the Council shall be judicially reviewed only as provided in ORS 34.010 to 34.100.
   (D)   A legal action challenging the methodology adopted by the Council pursuant to § 52.16 shall not be filed later than 60 days after the adoption.
(Ord. 332, passed 11-20-1998; Ord. 02-2003, passed 3-10-2003)