At least three (3) days before any framing is placed on the foundation, the property owner or his agent shall furnish to the director of community development a spot survey prepared by a registered land surveyor of the state of Illinois showing: a) the elevation of the top of the foundation; b) the location of the foundation with ties to front and side lot lines; and c) accurate dimensions of the foundation. Said survey shall be reviewed and approved by the director of community development for compliance with the platting and zoning requirements for front and side yard setbacks and the approved foundation elevation plan. Framing or any other structural improvements placed on the foundation before submittal and approval of the spot survey shall be grounds for revocation of the building permit and subject the violator to a fine. Upon a favorable determination that the foundation has been installed in conformance with the approved foundation plan and platting and zoning requirements, a framing permit shall be issued. (1978 Code § 4-1-11; amd. 2011 Code)