A.   Office Created: There is hereby created the office of chief of police.
   B.   Appointment; Term; Removal: The chief of police shall be appointed by the village president, by and with the advice and consent of the board of trustees, and shall serve at their pleasure. He/she shall hold office for such a term as established by the board of trustees, but said term shall not exceed the term of the village president in office at the time of the appointment as chief of police and thereafter until a successor is appointed and qualified, during which said time he/she shall have the same rights, powers and duties as hereinafter provided for the chief of police. However, if no chief of police is appointed and approved within sixty (60) days following the taking of office of the village president after an election, the incumbent chief of police shall not continue in office, and that position shall be declared vacant until a successor is appointed and qualified. If the person appointed chief of police was, at the time of such promotion, a member of the police department, then said individual shall retain his/her status and rank while serving as chief and shall revert to such status and rank when said term as chief has ended.
   C.   Residency: The chief of police shall, within twelve (12) months of his/her appointment to that position, become a permanent, full time resident of the village. The chief of police shall, for his/her entire tenure in that position with the village, remain a permanent, full time resident of the village.
   D.   General Powers And Duties: The chief of police shall be the chief executive officer of the police department. The chief of police shall be responsible for the management and fiscal management of the police department, including the direction and control of operations and administration, subject to the supervision of the village administrator. As such, he shall have the custody, care and control of the public property of the police department, all firearms, and all fixed and mobile equipment assigned to the police department. The chief of police shall devote his whole time to the municipal affairs of the village to preserve the peace, order, safety and cleanliness thereof, and to this end, he shall execute and enforce all village ordinances and all orders of the president and board of trustees. In addition, the chief of police shall execute, or cause to be executed, all orders of the president and board of trustees or village administrator so far as they relate to the preservation of public health, and shall be charged with the duty of protecting the rights of persons and the protection of property in the village and of providing a proper police force at every conflagration or disaster. The chief of police shall make rules and regulations as well as general orders and operating procedures governing the conduct of members and operations of the police department. In addition, the chief of police shall designate one or more ordained ministers to serve as voluntary police chaplains, without pay, and he shall define their duties.
   E.   Reports Required: The chief of police shall, prior to the first meeting of the village board of trustees in March of each year, make an annual report in writing on the state of the police department with a detailed report of the transactions of the department for the preceding calendar year, with such statistics and suggestions in regard to the requirements of the department as he may deem advisable. He shall also make reports of any matter concerning the police department whenever requested by the village president or board of trustees.
   F.   Record Of Prisoners Kept: It shall be the duty of the chief of police to keep a record of the names of all persons arrested or committed to the county jail in a book to be provided for such purpose. The record shall show the date of arrest or committal, the number of days imprisoned, the amount of the fine, when and to whom paid, and the date of discharge or other disposition of such persons. (Ord. 2013-61, 10-3-2013)