A.   Appointments And Promotions: Appointments and promotions within the police department, other than to the office of chief of police or to the exempt rank of deputy chief of police or commander, shall be made by the board of police commissioners in the manner provided by state law. All original appointments, except those exempt ranks stated hereinabove, shall be for a probationary period of eighteen (18) months and can be terminated at any time during such period without a hearing upon a report and recommendation by the chief of police that the applicant has been deemed to be unqualified or unfit to serve as a police officer. (1978 Code § 10-1-3)
   B.   Discharges: No police officer shall be discharged from the police department except after a hearing on written charges before the board of police commissioners as provided by law; provided, however, this shall not be construed as affecting the power of the village president and board of trustees to appoint and remove the chief of police. (1978 Code § 10-1-5)