A.   Health Requirements Generally: No owner, lessee, manager, or superintendent of any store, factory, workshop, or other place shall allow or cause any room or part thereof to be overcrowded or inadequate or faulty in respect to light, ventilation, heat or cleanliness.
   B.   Sanitation: All such places of employment shall be kept in a clean condition, free from the effluvia of a sewer, drain, privy, stable, or other nuisance; also, as far as practicable, such premises shall be free from all gases, vapors, dust or otherwise which are injurious to health. Sufficient washroom facilities for all employees shall be provided, and such facilities shall be properly ventilated.
   C.   Heat Requirements: It shall be the duty of every person owning or controlling the heating plant which furnishes heat to any factory, workshop, retail business, or other commercial establishment to maintain a temperature, when workers are present within such factory or workshop, of not less than sixty eight degrees Fahrenheit (68°F) (20°C) without such undue restriction of ventilation as to interfere with proper sanitary conditions therein; provided, however, that this requirement shall not apply to any factory or workshop where the business conducted therein is of such a nature that a lower temperature than sixty eight degrees Fahrenheit (68°F) (20°C) is necessary or expedient for the work or manufacturing process of such business.
   D.   Inspections: The appropriate village officials shall visit or cause to be visited all such places of employment in the village as often as they shall deem necessary to assure compliance with the provisions of this section, and to have such arrangement made as may be deemed necessary for the health and safety of the employees. (1978 Code § 3-1-10)