12-6-12: TITLE TO SITES:
   A.   All sites shall be conveyed to the village either by warranty or trustees' deed. The subdivider or developer shall be responsible for conveying good, merchantable title to such sites, and shall be responsible for payment of all real estate taxes to the date of conveyance, including any agricultural rollback taxes which might be extended or levied against such sites, for any tax years or periods prior to the time of conveyance.
   B.   When, in the opinion of the unit of local government holding title to any parcel of land dedicated under this chapter, any such parcel has become unnecessary or unsuitable or inconvenient, such parcel may be sold as provided by applicable statutory authority, and the proceeds shall be held in trust by said unit of local government, solely for such uses as are provided in section 12-6-6 of this chapter, and said proceeds shall be subject to the fifteen (15) year expenditure requirements from and after the date when said land is converted to cash proceeds. (Ord. 96-32, 4-18-1996)