A.   The provisions of this chapter are intended for special situations in which:
      1.   Adequate space, light, air, and other objectives of this title relating to the public health, safety, and welfare can be achieved without the literal application of the detailed requirements of this title and the village subdivision requirements otherwise applicable.
      2.   Special amenities and benefits to the community beyond those required by this title and other village ordinances can be achieved by allowing more flexible design than is otherwise permitted by this title and the village subdivision regulations.
   B.   These objectives can be achieved where a substantial area of land is planned for development as an integrated unit and where its design is subject to more detailed review and approval by the village than is normally required.
   C.   The objective of a planned unit development (PUD) is accordingly not simply to allow exceptions to otherwise applicable regulations. It is instead to encourage a higher level of design and amenity than it is possible to achieve under the usual land development requirements.
   D.   It is, therefore, the intent of the village to suspend the application of detailed zoning and subdivision standards only where such special amenity is achieved. In this way, the village may grant the creative developer a desirable flexibility and, at the same time, not only protect but enhance the welfare of the residents and other users of a development and the rest of the community. (Ord. 99-02, 1-7-1999)