11-1-2: PURPOSE:
This title is adopted for the purpose of improving and protecting the public health, safety, and welfare. To this end, this title seeks:
   A.   To further the implementation of the adopted official comprehensive plan for the village.
   B.   To zone all land in the village with a view to conserving property values and encouraging the most appropriate use of land throughout the village.
   C.   To establish adequate standards for provision of light, air, and open spaces.
   D.   To prevent the overcrowding of land and undue concentration of population, thereby preventing the development of blight and deterioration. (Ord. 99-02, 1-7-1999)
   E.   To facilitate provision of adequate services and facilities such as transportation, water, sewerage and parks. (Ord. 99-02, 1-7-1999; amd. Ord. 2014-15, 3-20-2014)
   F.   To provide for adequate drainage, control of erosion, reduction of flood damage, and destruction of sensitive or valuable environmental resources.
   G.   To foster a desirable pattern of relationships among residential, commercial, industrial, and other uses for the mutual benefit of all types of development.
   H.   To isolate and control the location of unavoidable nuisance producing uses.
   I.   To establish reasonable standards to which buildings, structures, and other uses of land shall conform.
   J.   To prevent new construction or alteration or expansion of existing construction that does not comply with the restrictions herein.
   K.   To provide for the gradual elimination of existing uses that are incompatible with the character of the districts in which they are located.
   L.   To define the powers and duties of the officers and bodies charged with the enforcement of this title.
   M.   To prescribe penalties for any violation of the provisions hereof.
   N.   To protect against fire, explosions, noxious fumes and other dangers.
   O.   To protect the physical and mental health of the public by reducing or abating objectionable smoke, noise or other objectionable materials or influences wherever possible.
   P.   To establish setback lines along streets, trafficways, drives, parkways and stormwater and floodwater runoff channels or basins, and property lines and to regulate the location of structures relative to such lines.
   Q.   To protect the character and maintain the stability of the existing residential, commercial, office and manufacturing areas in the village from the encroachment of incompatible uses.
   R.   To encourage and enhance the preservation of natural resources, aesthetic amenities and natural features.
   S.   To protect existing public facilities and utilities from being overloaded due to excess development.
   T.   To protect and enhance a pattern of interconnected streets and highways that is unified, integrated, safe, effective and efficient.
   U.   To regulate uses along regional arterial streets and highways to protect their through traffic function and capacity.
   V.   To protect residential streets from degradation by nonresidential traffic.
   W.   To reduce congestion and promote safety on streets and highways by limiting traffic generation through the control of land use intensity.
   X.   To establish procedures and standards for the efficient and effective use of the provisions of this title. (Ord. 99-02, 1-7-1999)